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Serving Restaurants & the Food Service Industry

With an extensive list of manufacturers and food service equipment to choose from, we work with restaurants and food service facilities throughout Lancaster, PA and beyond, helping them implement the planning stages of a commercial kitchen or retail serving area, deli, sandwich shop or office lunch room. Our team helps restaurants and food service professionals develop an efficient and functional design layout that will best serve their needs while respecting their budget. The final design plans are placed onto coordination drawings, along with food service equipment specifications, to ensure a successful installation. Upon completion of the installation project, we provide the necessary training for safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Food Service Equipment in Lancaster, PA

Maintenance and Service Support

Triangle employs a full-time corporate trainer who educates all clients on the equipment, production, and sanitation requirements involved in food service and food service equipment. Our corporate trainer and food service sales staff are nationally certified as ServSafe Trainers through a program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association.

We offer maintenance plans and 24/7/365 emergency repair service for food service and food service equipment. Just call 1-800-669-2711 to get immediate assistance!

Triangle has successfully managed food service projects throughout Lancaster, PA and provides service and support for a wide variety of restaurants and food service establishments including:

  • Institutions
  • Convenience Stores
  • Community Living Facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Fire Companies
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Churches


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Triangle Refrigeration Company (Food Service Division) is a stocking supplier of the national QSR, Charley Biggs' Chicken n' Sauce™. Charley Biggs' offers you a turnkey chicken program that gives you the benefits of a franchise without franchise fees or royalty fees. Charley Biggs' Chicken n' Sauce is designed to assist you in growing your chicken QSR sales and reaching greater profitability.

Charley Biggs Chicken n' Sauce

Charley Biggs' Chicken n' Sauce offers you:

  • Affordability
  • Consistency
  • Complete Training Program
  • Marketing Assistance in Regional Marketing Program
  • Menu Design and Pricing Assistance
  • Extended Maintenance Program
  • Leasing Programs
  • Regular Site Visits by Triangle Corporate Trainer
  • Top-Notch Products and Equipment

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